Apr 2, 2009

Facebook Pickup Secrets

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facebook seduction

Mar 30, 2009

Are You Sexually Frustrated?

There are many manuals that attempt to teach us about how we can satisfy our partner in bed, and we've all prolly read them a hundred times over. However, the mystery still remains!

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus!

Today im taking time out to discuss the popular topics of female orgasms, which I feel even in todays modern age, is still a largely unexplored area. The reasons for this is many. Society on a whole is responsible for dictating that in bed, although we are highly sexual beings, his orgasm remains the paramount goal. Its OK if she doesnt, in fact, we are conditioned to think its not that important, that reaching one is not even an objective!

While many couples trudge on thru life and accept this, at a deeper level it can be the root of many sexual frustrations that permeate into other areas. You will prolly not even notice its happening and what the causes are. But sexual frustration is real and it can be dangerous.

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Learning How To Talk Dirty (Audio)

One of the biggest hurdles to talking dirty is our comfort levels. You may find yourself asking "What does my partner want" or maybe you ask yourself "How Should I Talk Dirty To My Boyfriend?" and then you might think what is going too far, and what isn't going far enough? How do you even know that he will embrace your sexy minx at all? If he's dropped clues or has already talked dirty to you in bed, then you have an idea that he wants you to get a little dirtier. However, for the teddy bear who isn't sure where to start, the whole idea of dirty talk can be a lil intimidating not to mention embaressing!!

Remember, even the best dirty talkers start from somewhere. Start out slow - flirting and sexy body language! Read and watch erotica together. Take notes. Show your lover how much they are turning you on. Slip a sexy note into his pocket or in some surprize spot. Make it short and sweet like "I loved what we did last night" get into his head and let his thoughts run wild. Send him mail at some point when his away, telling him something spicy, a little flirty, and subtle, like: "I love the way you kiss me."

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Miz Helenas Dating Tips - A Guide To Talking Dirty and Cybersex Tips

Mar 26, 2009

a guide to talking dirty and cybersex tips

Hi guys, im here today to tell you all about my brand new ebook report launch A Guide To Talking Dirty and Cybersex Tips.

One of the questions I get asked constant is how can I become a great lover or cybersex lover and keep my partner wanting more. We ask ourselves things like "How do I begin?" "What do I say?" Yet, no matter how clueless we are, we all want to learn the words that will drive our partners crazy.

But lets face it guys, most of us ARE clueless when it comes to sexy talk with our lovers.

This has prompted me to write A Guide To Talking Dirty and Cybersex Tips. Now I dont claim to be a professional kinkstress whos words flow effortlessly everytime. NO. Im far from that!! Im just your average sweet girl next door who thru my association with my online sex toys business, EROTICSITY, has finally mastered the art of taking dirty and great cybering. My personal cybering encounters have been fun, some downright boring, even embaressing!! and now I pass my valuable tips onto you.

My A Guide To Talking Dirty and Cybersex Tips is a step by step guide that talks you thru things like finding your comfort levels - how to begin- what to say - and I even give you real examples of how to talk dirty with cybersex.

I layout exactly what you absolutely positively need to do to successfully learn the skills necessary to become a natural at talking dirty and experience a great cyber encounter.

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A Guide To Talking Dirty & Cybersex Tips

Mar 21, 2009

6 Ways To Mend Your Long Distance Relationship

“My relationship was going well and then it plummeted. It was a long distance relationship but it was going so well and strong for 7 months and then crashed. I would give anything to get her back and I really need some advice.”

This is just one example of countless questions I receive asking advice for basically the same problem. So how do you fix a relationship that has gone bad?

Go for the 6-point checklist

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Leon and Mari Louw are the authors of Long Distance Relationship Secrets. It is the most effective hands-on practical book available on the internet – or anywhere else for that matter – dealing with the day to day struggles of a long distance relationship.

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Guide To Flirting (Audio)

Flirting is a fun form of personal interaction, usually expressing a sexual or romantic interest with someone you have your eye on. Some people seem to flirt effortlessly, almost without knowing they are doing it. Others, are a lil more shy and reserved, preferring to be lulled into initiating contact.

Whatever type you are there is always room for improvement, or begin learning how to be more appealing and seductive. Studies have proven that the flirting language in which a person communicates is 55% of their appearance and body language, 38% in the style in which they speak and only 7% of what is said. WOW!!

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Mar 10, 2009

Why Do Nice Girls Choose Bad Guys? (Audio)

Have you ever stopped and noticed why some of your nice girlfriends choose the guy from hell? Have you done this ? I have always wondered why some of the most nicest intelligent friends choose partners that are clearly bad news. Its not only women that fall for men who treat them badly.. perfect, gorgeous men are also suckers for women that are trouble. Below are a few reasons why I think this might occur...

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Why Men Shut Down (Audio)

Men and women as we all know speak different languages. We women can be quite an emotional lot, whereas men do tend to keep things bottled up. Why are the reasons for this?

Well, I believe there are 3 main reasons

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